Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man about The house

It's been a while since the last post. I still have post the living room reveal. But not being 100% done. I'm not sure I want too. But I figured to try and give you guys more content. So, here is a few things I have done this off-night Thursday. (With football in the background noise of course.)
If you want to get inspired to do work around the house. Throw your favorite artist on, or maybe get into some nice flannel pants. That's when I feel the most inspired. Plus the wife is in SLC tonight, so I always like to surprise her with some things done by the time she gets home. Hopefully I'll have enough energy by tonight to help out with some dishes. And maybe sweeping. We'll see. But here is a small list of things I did. Another tip for you to feel good about your night, and not waiting it. Make a list of all the little things you did. Weather it is replacing a light bulb, or doing some winter prep. It will help you feel much more accomplished.
Anyways. Here we go.
1. Rake leaves.
(I purposefully left some on purpose to decompose during the winter.
On a side note, I had planted a bunch of grass seed this October (about two weeks too late. Beginning of October is the best time.) and I had noticed that some actually germinated. So, Maybe in the spring I'll try to find a before shot of my yard all weeded out, and the current state. Which looks pretty good.
2. Replaced the vent of my swamp cooler to a piece of wood particle board. It looks ugly, but does its job well.
Tip: replace that vent with a particle board during the winder. To help keep heat in and to prevent condensation from going up tote cooler. Which will help the cooler last longer. (No freeze cycles)
I did more things, but I already forgot them. Haha. Here are some pictures.

The last picture is inspiration for some shelves for my tool closet. Which I will work on during the winter.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sneek Peek

This is only a sneek peek of what's to come. We've been focusing on the living room lately and are pretty happy with what's happening. The walls are pretty much all that needs to be finished. (Artwork & curtains)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mega Wacko cleaning 2.1

This is what hard work and perseverance gets you. Check out the before and after. I'm joking. Sometimes years and years of crayons, markers, paint, glue and other nastiness, doesn't require hard work to clean, restore, and repaint. Sometimes you just gotta buy it new. Trust me. These new vent covers make a huge difference. Plus covers up my DIY floor job. Haha.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bulls Eye Inspection

Even though this happened last August, I want to post it. Let you guys know exactly what we got ourselves into. Because of possible water leakage (which was true) HUD wouldn't let us turn it (the water) on so all those things could be inspected. So basically we went into things half blind. Sort of true, our inspector was a guy who knew his stuff, and using his Sherlock abilities, was able to let us know of possible problems, even though he couldn't know for sure. I don't want to post the whole report (who wants to see that) But it will give you a good idea of where we started from. And everyone knows the worse(r) the "before" is, the more potential the "after" can be (I think, I just made that up maybe). (p.s. the photos are pretty non-great)

1. Mold. Both here, the big hole in the roof, and everything that happened because of that, and the north east side of the house. Which turned out to be from a leak in the main supply. 
All that has been fixed as replaced. Although the north east walls, still need to be repaired to be painted. Which will come soon. I think.

2. Hole in the roof. No, it was an actual hole, that you could see to the crawl space. From the roof, through the ceiling, down the wall ish, onto the floor, through that, and then down below.
Has been fixed. New fancy architectural shingles, new sheathing, and new vapor barrier.
I also fixed a few shingles after a big wind storm. And cut up my hands in the process. (wear gloves next time stupid.)

3. Plumbing. Egg. You probably think this will work right? Wait, No? So why did we just think it would. I know, my favorite saying. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Meh. Its broke. So fix it.
Good thing for a father who knows a bit about it (and hates all of it) and a father in law who know stuff and things too. We re-worked all of this out. But did not completly replace it all. Which is what I need/want to do eventually (hated word). And I need to dig out some front yaad, in order to put a clean out-there. So I don't have to lug a big ol' nasty piece of equipment through my new wood floors. Oh shoot, I'll show you all that on another post. (is it me, or am I getting wordy?)

4. The Exterior Paint & shingles. This is bad. We just sanded, scraped, replaced, primed and repainted for now. But I'm hoping for some clean, easy pure white stucco with clean lines and a minimalist look. I'd even like to get rid of the north and south eaves too.

5. This is nothing. The paint on the underside is bad. Like not very good at all. So More scraping, priming, painting. I don't know if I'm going to keep open (black is the new color) but I might try to put up some plywood, for a cleaner look. The neighbor did it. Doesn't look to shabby.

6. This is another issue. But I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I asked the inspector a bazillion-fofillion questions, but I didn't as about this. At least the roof's drain water doesn't go here. But Watering my lawn does. Its slightly more than dead right now, but what about when I got it going green? Hm. Any ideas or suggestions from the interslice (that means you can comment if you are reading.)?

So, I guess one of my next posts can let you guys know whats going on, with these things that need to be fixed. I still don't know what to do with the low level by the corner (picture above this paragraph.) Actually (besides the drainage) the only left to do is the ceiling in the study (the damaged ceiling.) And that won't come till a bit later. There are more important areas to work on.  But comment below on any suggestions, questions, or whatever. (if anyone is even reading the blog.) I supposed I'll have to do some really cool diy project and send it in to AT or something like that. But even if no one is reading this, some day I'll come back to it, and think of all the joyous / laborious hours spent making this house the Boss and yoursTruley's (and hopefully in a couple of years, some mini-me's) a home. Thanks for reading yall.

p.s. if you are Bulls Eye Inspection of Utah, I have an idea for a cool logo makeover. As well as the branding that goes with it. (I'm also a graphic designer by night).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ye Olde House / Mały Szary Dom

I guess I should have done this earlier, but the newness of it all, plus the excitement to document everything has messed me up a bit. But welcome to one six niner. Or as my wife (boss) and I like to call it Mały Szary Dom (pronounced Malwo Shada Dom - and means little grey house). I'm polish so thats what works for me. Anyways, disclaimer: the house you are about to see is a fixer upper. So please don't judge so much. I actually closed on the house two days before my wedding day. So two big decisions, all while I had just turned twenty deuce. Anyways, here are the four exterior shots. Taken by the realtor of course. Not that I have a good camera anymore or anything. But as you can see it all needs so so much work. So much. And its a good think I'm not brand new at this, and have never done anything like this before. This is going to be tough / fun / exciting. I have so many design plans floatin' in my head, hopefully we'll be able to continue working on it, so I have things to post on, to show you (whomever you is). Also I have so many sketches in my moleskin, and I'll scan them in, and all that schtuff. (p.s. the lawn is much worse than this right now haha.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Front Yaad debris

Almost all of what you see here, has been raked up by my blistered pale hands. Yah that's almost a whole bin. Let's not even mention the backyard. Which if you walk through it, all the stickers in the whole yard like to stick to your shoes and pants. Mostly you. But it's progress nonetheless. I want to put some Carl Foerester plants along the sidewalk. Them put black mulch around them. Black because I love all kinds of black things. Just ask the wife. I also want to put either light grey gravel, or white marble chips along the driveway. Seeds will be ready to be planted in the fall. So it's going to take a couple of years. But I can see a future green grass wonderful play zone for the mini-me's. (good thing we don't have any yet).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Past Projects

We have finished / semi-finished several projects already since we moved in September 2011. 
A few I will review, and some just sort of list, because I sort of had no idea what I was doing. Good thing for father and father-in-laws.
1. Roof repair - done by professional.
     a. tear out everything in one area.
     b. replace sheathing, vapor barrier, shingles.
2. New drain plumbing.
     a. from toilet
     b. down to the pipe leaving the house
3. Exterior Paint - done by professional.
     a. scraped, repaired & painted
(mostly done, more touchups and complete finish in two weeks)
3. New laminate flooring installed everywhere except the kitchen, dinning room, and Bathroom.
(trim still to be bought, cut and installed)
4. Interior paint.
     a. only 3 walls are done right now, and they actually still need another coat.
5. Electrical
     a. all exterior plugs
     b. switch out all plugs & light switches (only a 1/4 done.)
     c. new main breaker box (still to be done)
     d. new dimmers (whoa)
6. Sprinkler system fixed.
     a. broken heads changed.
     b. automatic timer for front set up.

There are many other projects, but these are kind of the main ones.
I might list every little thing just so I can see for myself, everything that I've done so far.
Photos to come. Probably mostly afters only. (sorry)
I also have sketches that I want to scan, to show you guys my inspiration / ideas that I would like, and some that I dream of, but will probably not do (expansion-addition).